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Answer_to_Life_42As a Christian guy, I have struggled for many years with my own weakness with pornography. For more information about that, read My Story and The Rest of the Story.

I have a few people in mind as I write this blog. First, I know that many men (and women) will come here looking for hope in their own struggles with pornography. You are very welcome here. A good article for you to start with might be How do I stop looking at Porn? Please know that you aren’t alone and that there is hope for you. More hope than you can imagine.

Second, there are the spouses of these addicts. You are also welcome here. I hope my story will give you a better understanding of your loved one. A good article for you to start with might be My Husband is Looking at Porn, What Should I Do? Remember that what they are doing to you is not OK. The pain you feel is warranted. They owe you a serious and deep repentance. Maybe this blog can help you find the tools you need to help them recover.

Finally, there are those who are just curious. For you, I want to say that pornography addiction is much more common than you imagine. It is devastating to men and women. Please read my story as a cautionary tale.

I will be posting a larger article every Monday and Thursday around 8 AM Central Time and smaller articles every day except Sunday. If you are looking where to start, try the Porn and the Christian Guy series first. I would love to hear your feedback (good and bad), so please fill out the contact form below. I would especially like suggestions for articles.

There is also a series I am writing in the world of The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis. The series, The Count Vicegrim Letters, follows the senior demon (Count Vicegrim) as he walks a junior demon (Mudpot) through how to properly tempt the patient. It publishes every Wednesday.

Thank you for visiting. I hope God uses this as a place of grace for you.


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