Book Review: How to Love Your Wife


It is not often that I read a book this honest and open about sexuality, yet tasteful. It is a true story about a king who really loves his wife and her response. How to Love Your Wife starts with a discussion of how much the queen and the king love each other and gets really romantic after that. Not for the faint (or Victorian) of heart, this book explores such topics as sexuality in marriage, oral sex, how to fight (an make up), the pain of separation, and the overcoming power of love.

How to Love Your Wife is a classic piece of literature that every Christian couple should read and imitate. Sex is not bad, it’s great!

Now, I would like to address the concern that this literature might be too erotic for a good Christian (or Victorian) to read. I have it on good authority that the Bible is supportive of How to Love Your Wife. Just take my word for it.

So check out the book, it is free online for a limited time. I promise you’ll like it.


Pro Tip: Never, ever say your wife’s belly is like a heap of wheat. Her belly is NOT like a heap of wheat.

Pro Tip: Check out The Peasant Princess series for an extended discussion of How to Love Your Wife.