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Recovery Resources: Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes

In the battle against my own sinful nature there are very few practical tools. The power of internet pornography is that it is accessible in privacy. So, to strip the internet of this power, you must remove the privacy.

Covenant Eyes is a unique program that takes all of the websites visited on a computer and sends them to men and women I choose as Accountability Partners. the sites can be organized by a ratings system that lists sites by their risk of being pornographic.

Covenant Eyes is designed with the pornography abuser in mind so it is difficult to bypass it. It is easy to get it off your computer, but it will e-mail all of your accountability partners to say you uninstalled it.

In my opinion, Covenant Eyes is an essential part of recovery for anyone who is struggling with pornography. You can try to stop using without help like Covenant Eyes, but you are probably kidding yourself. I have known many men in recovery and I know of only one who was successful without Covenant Eyes.


P.S. I am not being paid by Covenant Eyes (in fact, I pay them). I just feel it is that good of a program.

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