A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

I was recently surprised to learn that teens and preteens were reading my blog. Now I am the last person on the planet who should have been surprised, but it really hadn’t occurred to me that they might be reading my blog.

I really didn’t have teens and preteens in mind when I started this blog. My main focus was on guys who are currently struggling with pornography. So the discovery of a younger generation reading my material had me quickly reviewing if I had written anything inappropriate for their eyes.

The answer to that question is not actually mine to know. As in all matters of what is appropriate for children, it is greatly at the parent’s discretion. I don’t think i would change any of the content I have up now, but there is one thing I would change. I wish I had sent a warning out to the parents of children who I am Facebook friends with. Please forgive me for not extending that courtesy to you. it is your prerogative and I did not give you the deference you deserve. I’m sorry.

Now that I have said that, I would also like to make a suggestion. If you would like your teenager to have a better understanding of pornography and the harm it does, maybe you should encourage your teen to read this blog. Wouldn’t the warning that my life has been be a better training for these young men and women? They will be exposed to pornography, maybe Porn and the Christian Guy is a safer and better place to start that exposure.

In conclusion, I respect your decision, whatever it is. I completely understand if you have your kids unfriend me from Facebook. God bless you as you raise children in these challenging times.