Some More Administrative Details

I wanted to thank all of you who have visited the blog. Today the blog has had it’s 500th view. It continues to grow faster than I imagined it would and it is so encouraging to me that my story is being read and (I hope) encouraging you toward Jesus.

There are a few minor changes coming to the blog that I wanted you to be aware of.

First, the blog will be publishing the day’s article at 8 AM instead of 4 PM. This change starts tomorrow morning (9/30). I am continuing to play around with what the ideal time to publish will be. It has a real impact on readership but I am hoping that 8 AM will be the final publishing time.

Second, after this I will stop publishing articles on most Sundays. The readership drops off dramatically during the weekend and that will give me a little more time to focus on the very important Porn and the Christian Guy articles.

Third, I am starting a new series called Take a Breath Tuesdays. The nature of this blog is pretty intense so on Take a Breath Tuesdays, we will have lighter content and a little more fun.

Fourth, feedback! I would love your feedback. It is kind of awkward to comment on a blog about pornography, so please just fill out the contact form below and that is sent right to me. Your privacy is important to me and I will not share anything without your express permission. I would very much like to hear what topics were helpful to you and what topics you wish I would address. What’s on your mind? I want to know about it.

Fifth, Thank You so much. It means so much to me that you all are reading this blog. I have had hits from Nigeria, Australia, Liberia, Uganda (thank you to my faithful Uganda follower, you have really been a bright spot for me to see when you visit), Lithuania, and several others. It is so wonderful that i can serve people outside of the US.

God bless you. Check it out tomorrow morning at 8 AM for Porn and the Christian Guy: Part 6, The Rest of the Story. I will be filling in some more information about My Story. The blog it about to turn three weeks old. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.