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Take a Breath Tuesdays: The Piano Guys

The content of my blog is rather serious and could probably use a lighter note. So I am now instituting Take a Breath Tuesdays where I will provide some lighter material from popular culture. A worthy opening to this series is The Piano Guys.

You know the story, two men meet at a piano store in St. George, Utah. They play music for fun and then two video guys happen to see this and begin filming the music. A cellist then joins in and they start filming cover music from scenic locales. It’s the classic five men meet and create a viral youtube video story.

As generic as this sounds, this is how The Piano Guys was founded. I have taken the liberty of putting several of my favorite videos below.

First up is the first video I saw from The Piano Guys. It’s not every day that I saw a Jedi and a Sith battling with light saber cellos. Take a look.

One of the most beautiful videos they have produced is What Makes You Beautiful. Five guys play one piano in several creative ways.

You know when a man and his cello fall in love. The sparks fly and you end up with this video.

Finally you must see the song Peponi. After you watch this video you will ask a question. The answer is, “With a helicopter.”


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