Porn and the Christian Guy: Part 9, Puddles of Grace

Grace can come to us in so many ways. Many times, we shake our fist at the sky only to find out later that God was being exceptionally loving to us in that time. We can be short sighted, but God loves us anyway. He knew what he was getting in to when he saved us.

In the song God Moves in Mysterious Ways, William Cowper famously wrote:

Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,
But trust Him for His grace;
Behind a frowning providence
He hides a smiling face

Today, I hope to show you the smile by exploring all of the Graces of God that he us pouring out for you. He is sometimes stern, but he is not cruel. Walk with me, I hope to give you hope.

Puddles of Grace

The first source of grace is this blog. I think that God has sent me to write this for you so that I can comfort you with the comfort I have received from Christ (1 Corinthians 1:3-5). Not that I speak God’s words, but I believe God has had me write these words and for you to read them. God loved you enough to bring you to this puddle of grace.

The second puddle of grace is the new resources available to you. Covenant Eyes,  recovery groups, and the new openness of the church to discuss these issues, all of these things are new graces of God for you.

Lakes of Grace

You know that sick feeling you have after you look at pornography. That filthiness that clings to your heart. That incessant scream of your conscience that you are defying God. That is God’s grace to you. Not everyone has that. In fact, I think it is rare. The majority of men you talk to about porn will wonder why you think it is a problem. God chose to leave your conscience intact. This is a profound grace to you. You conscience may seem like a cruel enemy, but he is really the servant of a loving God who is not letting you go.

Along with your conscience, consider that hurt look in you wife’s eyes. That pain that you have caused her. That constant reminder that you have failed and wounded the woman you love. That is God’s grace to you. Your foolish heart wants to believe that sin is OK. It wants to just enjoy the pictures and pretend nobody is getting hurt. God is using her to remind you that this is serious business. He won’t let you lie to yourself and pretend it is all OK. He loves you too much for that. This is a lake of grace for you.

There are also those times that God takes you and he beats you until you listen. He will take away you job, your health, your peace, and your joy. He loves you too much to leave you complacent. He will take everything he needs to away until you obey. This, dear brother, it the hand of a loving Father. It hurts now, but it pays off. This is a lake of grace for you.

Oceans of Grace

God wrote you a letter. It’s a big one, but you were in mind when he wrote it. The whole Bible is a letter from God to you. It has grace for the circumstance you are facing. The Bible is an ocean of grace and truth. There are promises there that will hold you strong when your temptation is at its worst. God loved you so much, he place you in a nation where there are more Bibles than people.

Not only did he write you a letter, but he left you with his phone number. God saved you and wants to listen to you. He has an ocean of grace to pour on you at need. Sometimes he gives you only what you need, not more. But even that is him loving you better than you know how to be loved. Trust him.

The Cross. I don’t think in a billion years we will yet understand the magnitude of what Jesus did for us on the cross. He was fully punished for my sins and he gave me his full righteousness. If I were to walk into Heaven, I would smell so much like Jesus that the locals would know I belonged. God loved a couple of screwups like you and I so much that he sent his son to die. Not only to die, but be punished for crimes he didn’t commit. Amazing grace!

So, in all of the pain of the circumstances you are facing. Look hard at the face of God and, if you are careful, you can see his slightly upturned lips. He might look like he’s frowning, but he is really setting you up for oceans of grace.