The Most Searched Term that Finds My Blog

This blog has been full of surprises for me. One of the most interesting has been to see the search terms that reach my blog. It is always satisfying to see “What do I do if my husband won’t stop looking at porno” and “God please forgive me for looking at porn.” The people who search those terms are exactly who I am writing this blog for, the desperate and repentant. I am one of them, just a couple of miles further down the road.

The different search engines use a special math formula to pick which sites they post for a search. Each is looking for that ideal recipe for getting the searcher right to what they are looking for and maybe getting you to click and add on your way there.

But in the case of my blog, there are some very disappointed searchers. The words used in my blog like pornography do catch the occasional poor soul who was honestly looking for porn and found my site.

So, you may be asking what the most searched term to reach my site is (being that it was in the title). The term is ‘Amanda Bynes Porn.’ I often get hits from guys looking for nude images of Amanda Bynes. They end up finding my article called Amanda Bynes, I’m sorry which is most definitely not what they were looking for.

So if you are one of those searchers, you didn’t come here by accident. God is giving you a chance. Take a look at my article Porn and the Christian Guy: How Do I Stop Looking at Porn. There is grace for you and forgiveness from Jesus.

As I see it, God might be guiding their lustfully searching hands to my site. Maybe there is grace for them here. But what will give me a chuckle now is that that I have put the phrase ‘Amanda Bynes Porn’ in this article twice, I’m sure that many, many more of them will be pouring into this page now.