Take a Breath Tuesdays: Mr. Rogers Rocks!

The older IĀ get, the cooler Mr. Fred Rogers gets. He represents a dying breed of healthier TV shows. Far from the camera angle changing every second or two, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was known for its long shots and thoughtful monologues. The show ran for decades and Mr. Rodger still smiled and encouraged generation after generation.

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood aired for the first time in 1968 and the last show was produced in 2001. The production of episodes was much heavier in the early years and much lighter later on. Only five new episodes were made in the final season in 2001.

In December of 2002, Fred Rogers was diagnosed with stomach cancer. There was an unsuccessful surgery to remove the tumor. Mr. Rogers died on the morning of February 27, 2003 with his wife at this side.

Mr. Rogers was a fascinating man who I certainly don’t fully understand. To show you what I mean, watch the video below. He was given a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. What he does for his speech is amazing. Take a look.

And if you liked that, you will love his speech from his induction into the Television Hall of Fame.