Married People Don’t Have Sex…in the Movies

I have a challenge for you. Name for me three movies where a married couple have sex with each other.

No, I mean it. Think of three movies.

Nope, they weren’t married in that one, try again.

Sorry, in Rocky they weren’t married yet,

Tougher than you thought, isn’t it?

Times up. Here are all the movies I could think of.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  2. 300
  3. Don’t Say a Word
  4. The Sixth Day
  5. Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1

And that was after thinking about it for a while. Clearly, single people have the most and best sex, right?


Study after study after study has demonstrated that married couples have more sex than singles or couples who cohabitate.  The numbers on the quality of sex are a little less clear. Most of the studies I found showed married people having better sex, but there were some that contradicted that.

So popular culture would lead us to believe that the path to passion and lots of sex is to be single and in serial relationships. No sooner does a couple get married in a movie than they seem to hate each other. It’s like the focus in a movie is on all the positives of the passion of a young relationship and only on the negatives of a long-term relationship. It is a misleading image.

The fact is that both younger and older relationships have pluses and minuses. My wife is still irritated when I leave laundry on the floor. But it is not up to debate as to who has more sex. Married people have more and (most likely) better sex no matter what the movies say.