Take a Breath Tuesdays: Some Changes to the Blog

blog-changeOver the last months I have enjoyed writing to you. It is a privilege to share my journey and, I hope, point you to Jesus as the real solution.

When I first started I had so much to write about that I quickly wrote material getting several weeks ahead in writing. Over time with work and family that pile has worked down. I would much rather write less material that is of higher quality and if I force it, the quality will go down.

So I will be reducing the days my blog will publish. On Mondays, there will be a Porn and the Christian Guy. On Wednesdays, another Count Vicegrim’s Letter. And on Friday, a more random “whatever was on my mind post. So I will only publish three days a week. there will be some articles that I slip in on other days, but only Monday Wednesday, and Friday will be planned.

Thank you all for reading and following. I hope to continue walking this road with you and keeping the blog interesting, helpful, and glorifying to Jesus.