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Please Remember to Sin Responsibly

sin_responsibly_gstringSin has a marketing problem. You see, defying the God of the Universe has negative consequences in our lives. Be it sickness, hurt relationships, and that sense that we are not meant to be this way, we all feel the ongoing consequences of sin.

Yet there is in our heart a desire to do what we want AND not feel the consequences. It would be great if some marketing person could help us feel like we could do both. Clearly God would not want us to simply stop sinning. He wants us to be “happy” and “free” to sin.

Enter, the beer industry. You see, it is bad publicity to have their customers hitting station wagons with kids in them. There is nothing unbiblical about a beer, but the Bible clearly speaks against drunkeness. Unfortunately, the drunks are their best customers. What is a beer company to do?

Never fear, there is a solution. Miller tells us “With Great Beer come Great Responsibility.” The answer isn’t to avoid drunkeness. It is “Don’t Drink and Drive.” It is to avoid the consequences of sin without addressing the sin itself.

Now, I should be clear, you shouldn’t drink and drive. I don’t want to get hit by the theologically sound drunk who knows that he shouldn’t be drunk in the first place. All sins are evil, but some have much more profound consequences.

Sex outside of marriage also has a public relations problem. Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies have all caused so many problems. So we make sure to have “Safe Sex.” But, should “Safe Sex” fail, can still do the “Responsible” thing. We can murder that baby because it is inconvenient.

There is real joy in obedience. The most responsible thing we can ever do is avoid sin and cling to Jesus. While the world is wresting with the most effective ways to sin without consequences, we have a true hope. Jesus offers a hope beyond responsibility, he offers right standing with God.



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