How to Judge God

Dorothy_0011b God-Satan Desk SignsHomosexuality, prayer, Hell, human suffering, gender roles, and premarital sex.

These issues have been on my mind for many years now. At one time or another (and some to this day) I have struggled with the Bible’s clear teaching on these topics. Why would God make such restrictive rules? Why would he send people he created to Hell?

I am not afforded the escape that many Americans take today which is to pretend the Bible doesn’t have clear teaching on these topics. It’s not that the Bible is vague, it’s that we don’t like what it teaches. The easy way out is to ignore scripture: to make up a god in our own image. Often this god is not just in my image. He is me, just more powerful.

Another option, the faithful one, is to accept that God loves me and trust him.

I prefer the third option, which is to judge God. I take comfort that I am not alone. We as a people love to judge God. When God says for Israel to wipe out the Canaanites, we gleefully blame God for genocide. When God repeatedly calls homosexuality a sin, we come up with phrases like, “God wouldn’t tell me who I can love.” When God condemns anyone to hell, we see a cosmic killjoy who puts men in an eternal Hell because he is such a power drunk madman. Obviously sin isn’t worth a Hell that lasts forever.

But is this option reasonable. Let’s make a few assumptions.

  1. God exists
  2. He created all morality
  3. He created me
  4. The Bible is his inspired writings to us

If all of this is true, then I can never rightfully judge God.

Imagine that argument. I would be telling the creator of right and wrong that he was wrong. All he has to say is that he is right and I have no ground to stand on. I would then be saying that I am wiser then God and that I could have created a better universe if I were God.

That’s the sort of thing that got Satan kicked out of heaven. He wanted to be God.

The fact is, I want to be God too. I want my will to be supreme. I want my magnificence to be known in all the Heavens and the Earth. I want people to sing my praises. And because of that, I want to judge God.

It is foolishness even to consider it. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that I were RIGHT to judge God: that God really had wronged me and that I was justified in condemning him. So what! I still lose. He’s God and I’m not. Even in this ridiculous case, I should bend to his will.

So don’t fall into this trap of accusing God of wrong. You can say that Bible is inaccurate or that God does not exist, but don’t be so foolish as to be a Bible-believing Christian who judges God. Remember that he will judge you.