Count Vicegrim’s Letters: Chapter 11 Vermin Pastor

The Count Vicegrim LettersThe Demon Mudpot’s Annual Review regarding the Temptation of the Patient in His 25th Year


Yes, this is concerning. It is a credit to you that the head pastor is such a concern to you. It is NOT a credit to you that you allowed your patient to come under the leadership of such a dangerous vermin pastor.  Of all the churches he could have gone to, he is at one of the most dangerous and he is on staff.

Very concerning.

On to your review.

The Good

His increasing depression is wonderful. I have reports from his wife’s tempter also indicating how moody, sullen, and angry he is at home. Good work. The rift you are driving between them is going to start being fruitful soon. you must be very careful now. This is the sort of time that the Enemy’s Spirit could destroy ll you have worked for. You patient will be very difficult to subdue if his wife is supporting him. You must prevent this.

The double life you are working in him is working. He is now regularly looking at pornography and telling lies to protect it. You didn’t mention whether the wife suspects and neither did her tempter. It is not the right time to expose him as he may be able to repent and turn from it. We need to sink him deeper into the double life. Take every opportunity to drive him toward sexual pleasure except with his wife. If there is an opportunity to get him to adulterate with another female, take it. It can only serve us now.

That ministry assistant he has is a stroke of genius on your part. How you got a female that he is attracted to in that position. it is lovely Mudpot. bring them together but do it slowly. There is a new term among the vermin called the “Work Spouse”. Make sure this ministry assistant becomes one. If she can become his friend, the his work spouse, then his lover, and then a knife we use to rip out his heart.

We need to be prepared for the long game. Because your patient is in the church, we have a real opportunity to use any stature he holds there as a weapon against the Enemy. Imagine if we can get your patient publicly discredited. We can then go into the community and use this as another example of the hypocrisy of Christians. Drink that in Mudpot. Think of the delight of it.

The Bad

Now that you’ve seen the possibility of discrediting him, you must be very careful. This church is one of the most dangerous ones in this community. You really should have guided your patient somewhere else. The Lead Pastor and his wife are among the most difficult vermin in the region. They have suffered and been dedicated to the Enemy through it. We have been able to make very little inroads with them and have been wholly prevented from killing them by the Enemy.

This man is dangerous Mudpot. He may see through your patient’s lies and challenge him to repentance. He is often listening to the Enemy’s Spirit and does what he says. He is often in the Enemy’s Book. He believes in the Enemy’s Son. He is a nightmare t work with and you have now placed your patient near him.

So we need to be prepared. I have arranged for a foolish woman to become friends with your patient’s wife. it is important that she does not speak to the church leaders of the brewing trouble in their marriage. It is important that she is confiding in a fool who will not offer real assistance. Additionally, you need to use your patient to pressure her to silence about their struggles.

Finally, we need to be sure to silence the preaching that he will receive there. We have tried to silence the pastor, but this has been fruitless. We must silence it in your patient’s ears. Make sure that he only hears the preaching in the context of how he should support others. Make sure he is focused on who in the service needs to hear what is said other than himself. Do your best to silence his conscience by reminding him frequently of how sinful the congregants of the church are. This will help him to focus on their sin and not his own.

Things are more hopeful than they were a few years ago, but we are still in dangerous territory. By the Great Lord I want this vermin dead. I will breathe a sigh of relief he does die.

-Count Vicegrim

Image created by Cavin and used with permission