Groundhog Day Predictions!

Punxsutawney Phil Makes Annual Forecast On Groundhog DayAs many of you know from my previous post, I follow the groundhog with religious devotion. So I thought I would update you with the results of the groundhog predictions this year.

Punxsutawney Phil say there will be six more weeks of Winter. I feel sorry for those on Pennsylvania, but only a little bit. We in Minnesota can expect ten more weeks of Winter.

General Beauregard Lee has predicted an early Spring for the good people of Georgia. We’re happy for you….

Buckeye Chuck has predicted an early Spring for Ohio which creates some forecasting difficulties as it is unlikely Ohio and Pennsylvania will have a very different Spring. In these cases, I always go with Punxsutawney Phil.

Wiarton Willie predicts six more weeks of Winter for Canada. This is to be expected. It is Canada.

But the biggest news of the day is with Staten Island Chuck. The New York Mayor’s office has had a tense relationship with Chuck since 2009 when he bit Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Many groundhog followers were hoping for a new day with Mayor Bill de Blasio taking office. Unfortunately, after some conciliatory remarks from Mayor de Blasio, Staten Island Chuck jumped from his hands twice. It was hoped that some bridges could be mended between the groundhog and the New York City government, but things appear to remain tense.

Staten Island Chuck predicts six more weeks of Winter, possibly out of spite.

On a personal note, our Groundhog Day celebrations have gone off without a hitch. Uncle Larry is pacified by General Lee predicting an early Spring so he is much less likely to pick a fight.

So Happy Groundhog Day. I will leave you with a video of Staten Island Chuck jumping from Mayor de Blasio’s hands.

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