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Count Vicegrim’s Letters: Prologue

The Count Vicegrim Letters

My dear Vicegrim,

It was good to see you at the Leadership Summit last month. After the Billy Graham incident, I always suspect you will be demoted again. But, alas, you were always one who knew how to work in Lowerarchy to save your own skin.

Recently, a patient has presented in your region who is particularly troubling. He has been rated by the Enemy Reconnaissance Unit has gained some intelligence that this human is a threat. He shows the early stages of being a fine communicator and through recent Angel Watching, we have come to believe that this patient is important to some plan of the Enemy.

The basic profile of this patient is as follows:

Age: 14 Earth Years
Parental Situation: Married, moderately stable bond between them
Prayer: Sporadic
Enemy’s Book Reading: Sporadic
Enemy’s Spirit: Absent (but with reason to believe he is moving)
General Attitude Toward the Spirit: Apathetic
Risk: High

As you can see, this is a fledgling and we would like him stamped out before he has any opportunity to become a threat. Of course, I will have a more thorough briefing on the patient sent to you.

Normally, I would not personally write you to say a single patient is transferring, but this time I have a special interest not in the patient, but in the tempter. You may remember a scandal about 15 years ago when I was smeared in the Demonic Times as having said that the Enemy may actually love the vermin. This ludicrous and wholly unjustified charge was later found to have come from one of my Pages named Mudpot. That slimy corrosive fiend dared to take on a High Lord with a long history of success. To even suggest that I would believe…it’s preposterous!

The Great Lord, of course, saw through Mudpot’s lies and left him in my tender hands to deal with as I saw fit. I then saw fit to keep him as my personal play thing for several months. Unfortunately, he whines and I tired of him after that. He was then reassigned to be a starting tempter and was placed with a newborn patient.

That is, your new patient.

Vicegrim, I won’t lie to you. Mudpot is a trial to be supervising. It was easy enough to deal with him as a Page because I do not allow my Pages to speak. They are there to deliver messages and I expect them to do that silently and quickly.

I normally wouldn’t wish Mudpot on my worst Enemy, but you are close enough to that so I don’t mind sending him to you. As it is, if you succeed in neutering this vermin despite Mudpot, then the Lowerarchy wins (and so do I). If you fail again, I don’t think your Counthood will last another Billy Graham. In that case, you will be demoted, in which case, I win.

You see, this works out well for me either way.

I doubt you can wiggle your way out of this one, Vicegrim. You are resourceful, I’ll give you that, but even you won’t be able to work with someone as inept as Mudpot. I look forward to watching you squirm.

With a deep affection,

High Lord Massgrave

Image created by Cavin and used with permission

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