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Jesus Is Not on the Ballot

Ballot, Election, VoteThe evangelical community is struggling with a crisis of conscience over Donald Trump. What do you do with a man who promises Supreme Court justices who could end the serious evil of abortion, yet likely sexually assaulted several women? He is a blowhard narcissistic jerk, but he has an (R) in front of his name.

I won’t rehash the debate. Those who know me know how I feel. I want to speak to evangelicals about an idol they have cherished for generations. The Christian church has lost its voting majority for the first time in US history. There may be more people who say they are Christians voting than people who say they aren’t, but I am convinced that most voters are not looking carefully at scripture as they make their decision.

My own memory only extends into the 80s, but I remember the Moral Majority and how aggressively they attacked Bill Clinton. To be sure, President Clinton deserved the attacks. Christians at the time were somewhat cavalier about how much a politician needed to cater to us. Anyone who got on the wrong side of a the Moral Majority stood a good chance of being on the wrong side of an election.

This led to a dangerous cancer in American Christians. It led us to have faith in elections. As long as 51% of voters picked our candidate, peace an justice would rule the day. We traded in our God for a ballot box.

Today, that has changed, and I feel the fear among Christian. On the heels of the Supreme Court mandating gay marriage, we saw the great institutions that we had deified turning from saviors into demons. With our electoral majority gone, we looked for a savior. Instead we got Donald Trump.

Brothers an sisters, the scriptures are clear. It is not 51% of Americans who pick our leaders. It is God. He sometimes appoints evil leaders and sometimes good ones. Do not have faith in America, elections, presidents, or Supreme Court Justices. Have faith in God. Jesus did not die to Make America Great, he died to bring his bride home with him.

So have hope. Whoever is president, God is still on his throne. If we spent half the time hand wringing about the presidency actually praying for our leaders and country, much more good would be done. God was on the throne guiding the world when Nero and Hitler were in power. He can handle today.

Jesus is not on the ballot in November. He was already appointed to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Don’t have faith in elections. Have faith in Jesus.



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