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About Chip

I am a hospice nurse who lives in the Twin Cities of MN. I have a lovely wife (really people, she’s quite good looking) and three sons and a princess. My hope for this blog is that it:

  • Illuminates and magnifies how really incredible God is
  • Encourages you toward being a passionate follower of Jesus
  • Assists men and women who are struggling with pornography and to give them hope

So, please enjoy. Take a look toward Heaven and always remember that God wins in the end!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nicely written article Chip. So this one really grabs my heart. My sister is a disaster relief nurse for Samaritan’s Purse and recently served in Liberia to help out with the current crisis. The stories she told were heart-wrenching and seemed, at the time, hopeless. That is, until I read this. At least the people she cared for were that, cared for. If we are a family, financially capable of helping this young man, how do we go about doing that? Did you interview this young man or where did you acquire the details for the article? I do not know anything about how to help someone who is 5,000 miles away. But I want to. Any helps? Much appreciation, with God ALL things are possible….Chris True

    • Chris,

      I’m so glad you feel that way. Unfortunately, I wrote this as a dramatization of a news article I read (the original article is linked at the very beginning of Ebola and Barnie). I am in MN and am as powerless a s you to help Barbie. He is beyond both of our reach. Maybe God will be merciful to him.

      It is funny that you would mention Samaritan’s Purse because I am right now pursuing working with them for a short term trip to Monrovia. I hope I can go, but the whole region is a bit unstable right now. When you pray for Barbie, pray for me that I can go.


  2. Chip, My sister got out of there just in time. She was home nearly a week when Dr. Kent and Nancy became infected. It could have been her. Samaritan’s Purse is a wonderful organization and have always taken great care of my sister when she was deployed to disaster areas such as, Haiti, the Philppeans and Monrovia. I wouldn’t be surprised if they return to the area once it is more controlled. My sister felt it was no longer safe to be there not because of the Americans who were there to help, but because of the Liberians. They have been through a lot of trauma as a country and are somewhat unteachable. It is good to remember that Barnie may be out of our reach but never beyond the reach of the creator’s outstretched hand. God bless your efforts with Samaritan’s Purse.

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