Searching for Obiwan


Sometimes God does not give us what we want. He does something even better. He makes us into what we wanted for ourselves. Nakadude (known to his friends as Naka) is a blogger and friend to my wife and I. Often, as I read Naka’s posts, I see him finding the path ahead of me and letting me know of obstacles that are coming.

What really shines through in Naka’s Blog is how well he applies scripture to modern (well, often 1970s and 1980s modern) problems and situations. Naka has a special interest in how older men can guide younger men through life. He is onto something. One of the great dangers of our day is how isolated the generations of men has become from each other.

My favorite post on Naka’s Blog is The Search for Obiwan. He describes his own journey of looking for a mentor to walk him through life. Another great post from Naka is his take on Cat’s in the Cradle and it’s celebration of fatherhood. Naka was also the only person that spoke about the Joe Paterno scandal that made any sense. Check out The Legacy of Kings and Coaches.

In God’s mysterious plan he has not provided Naka’s Obiwan. He has made Naka an Obiwan for Sam and I. Thank you Naka. May the force be with you.


Two Bloggers from the Hills of Tennessee

As a new blogger who is learning the ropes, I want to honor one of the people inspired me to start blogging in the first place. Cap Stewart is a friend from my childhood in East Tennessee. The last time I actually saw Cap was probably more than ten years ago.

So imagine my surprise when he puts out a blog post on his blog Happier Far and it is quite good. Now every blog gets a good post in once and a while, so I read another. This one was also very good.

Happier Far is the best blog that none of you have heard of. Cap does a good job of holding to scripture and giving some honest and unflattering accounts of his heart at work. I would go so far as to say if you must choose between my blog and his, read his.

Two of my favorite of Cap’s posts that give a good feel for his blog. When is Public Indecency Acceptable explains how he dealt with a couple taking most of their clothes off on a plane. You’ll be surprised at how often this happens.

Sex, Lies, and Star Trek is his journey as  a trekkie choosing NOT to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. Sometimes Jesus asks us to give up things, even Star Trek.

Thank you Cap for your blog and I hope my readers see what you have to offer.