If You Give a Mom a Latte

If you give a mom a latte
She will take time to sit on the couch and drink it
If she sits on the couch
She will be less grumpy
If mom is less grumpy
She will cook breakfast without burning it
If breakfast isn’t burnt
I will eat it without complaining
If I don’t complain
Mom will be having a good morning indeed
If mom has a good morning
She will post it on Facebook
If she posts it on Facebook
She will get hundreds of likes
If she gets hundreds of likes
She will become an internet sensation
If she becomes an internet sensation
She will become a force for good in the world
If she becomes a force for good in the world
She will be very tired at the end of the day
If she is tired
She will sleep well that night
If she sleeps well that night
She will wake up refreshed
If she wakes up refreshed
She would really like a latte
The lovely photo is from Calgary Reviews and is used with permission