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The Count Vicegrim Letters

The Count Vicegrim Letters

The Count Vicegrim Letters is an ongoing series of letters from a senior demon, Count Vicegrim, to his junior, Mudpot. Count Vicegrim is quite experienced as a tempter and would likely have been Lord Vicegrim by now except for his humiliating failures in the ‘Billy Graham Incident’. Because of this, he was not promoted and has been overlooked for promotion for decades.

Mudpot only recently transferred to being a tempter. Formerly, he spent millenia as a messenger for the High Lord Massgrave. The High Lord fired Mudpot after he leaked to the Demonic Times that the High Lord had suggested that God ‘might’ actually love humans. The ensuing scandal nearly cost the High Lord his position and certainly cost Mudpot his.

Count Vicegrim is less than pleased to have Mudpot under his jurisdiction but has been ordered to take him. The Count is edging for his promotion and sees Mudpot as a liability to that end.

The patient is young man who lives in the United States. He has had Mudpot assigned to him since birth and when he is later declared a High Risk by the Enemy Reconnaissance Unit. Being listed as High Risk means that should Mudpot (and Vicegrim) succeed in neutering him, there are significant rewards. Should the patient become a dangerous servant of God, major punishments will certainly come.

The following letters are the annual review for Mudpot from Count Vicegrim. A new letter is published every week on Wednesdays.


Chapter 1:  Transferred

Chapter 2: The Slow Spiral

Chapter 3: Failure!

Chapter 4: Fraternity Life

Chapter 5: Responsible and Tolerant

Chapter 6: Sex and Commitment

Neutering the Clergy: Foreword by Count Vicegrim

Chapter 7: Neutering the Clergy

Chapter 8: Marriage

Chapter 9: Sabotage

Chapter 10: Graduation

Chapter 11: Vermin Pastor

Chapter 12: The Infernal Spirit

Image created by Cavin and used with permission

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